Oil Change Service in Elk Grove, CA

Oil Change Service

A simple oil change service in Elk Grove, CA, can make all the difference for your vehicle. Although such an easy process, a routine oil change is one of the most important services for your vehicle to undergo to ensure it’s running properly and at peak capacity. Here at Mazda of Elk Grove, our Service Department is truly top of the line and talented – in fact, we were ranked as the #1 dealer in customer satisfaction by DealerRater.com!

We understand that getting a routine oil change can sometimes be a hassle, but we make it as easy as ever here at Mazda of Elk Grove! Our Service Department is open six days a week, with convenient morning and afternoon hours, so finding a time to pop in for a quick yet efficient oil change is a breeze. For your convenience, you can even schedule an appointment right here on our site. All you need to do is input information about you, your vehicle, and the date and time you’re able to come in, and hit submit! One of our technicians will then contact you to confirm your appointment.

So, what is the recommended amount of time between oil changes? There are several factors that can play into this, such as the age of your vehicle, the type of environment you drive in, and the rates of speeds your vehicle endures. Overall, the general rule of thumb is that every 3,000 to 7,000 miles your vehicle should be brought in for an oil change service in Elk Grove, CA. It’s always important to reference your Owner’s Manual, though, to check on the timeframe for your specific vehicle. And, if you have any questions at all, our mechanics are always available to talk, thanks to our Ask a Tech form.

The oil in your engine is vital, there’s no doubt about that. There are several components housed in your engine that work together to produce power, which means that they’re in constant motion. Fresh, clean oil ensures they’re not rubbing or scraping against each other, and instead, operating harmoniously. An additional role that oil performs is keeping your engine clean. It’s able to absorb a variety of substances, such as dust, anti-freeze, and moisture, which can cause build-up and, eventually, corrosion.

When you’re in need of an oil change service in Elk Grove, CA, there’s nowhere better to turn than Mazda of Elk Grove. And, thanks to our 10-Point Value Guarantee, you’ll even receive a complimentary car wash with every oil change! What’s more, every vehicle purchase comes equipped with a 10 year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty*! We strive to make all of our customers experience truly one to remember, whether you’re coming in for a simple oil change or buying a new car! You can reference our 2,000 – and counting – positive online reviews!

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